MEDIA STORY LINKS: (Unless otherwise indicated, the story in some way related to my gossip research)

Scientific American Mind Magazine

NBC - Today Show & Tonight with Jay Leno

The Today Show (NBC)

The "Why Factor" (BBC)

Time Magazine (Haunted Houses)

Newsweek (Haunted Houses)

Business Insider (Haunted Houses)

Psychology Today Magazine (Haunted Houses)

Psychology Today Magazine (Seeing Ghosts)

Psychology Today Magazine (Why High School Stays with Your Forever)

Psychology Today Magazine (Creepiness)

Trailer for CBC-TV Documentary "The Real Dirt - On Gossip"

Clip from the CBC Documentary "The Real Dirt - On Gossip"

New York Times Science Blog

My Response to New York Times Science Blog

ABC News

The Chicago Tribune


CBS News - Chicago (WBBM TV) - video

CBS News - Chicago (WBBM TV) - Text

Psychology Today Magazine (Heroism & Competitive Altruism)

Psychology Today Magazine

The Boston Globe

Associated Press story on facial beauty (Appeared in multiple newspapers) (Australia)(e-mail mind games)

The Times of London (Littering)

New York Times (testosterone & aggression study)

Scientific American (Facial Expression & Emotion)

Scientific American (Testosterone & Violence)

MSNBC (The effects of being a "junior" - boys named after their fathers)

National Public Radio (NPR) - On Creepiness

The Smithsonian (Creepiness)

Swedish National Radio (How is gossip different from Bullshit?)

YouTube (Why are things creepy?)

Morning Edition (NPR - National Public Radio) 

ABC News (Guns & Testosterone)

The Washington Post (Guns & Testosterone)

The Washington Post (Gossip about politicians)

The Smithsonian (Creepy Dolls)

Business Insider (Creepiness)

The Smithsonian (Awkwardness of Family Life)

"Doctor Radio" (The Psychology Underlying the Naming of Children)

Men's Health Magazine (Judging others from their e-mail messages)

Time Magazine (Techland - Judging others from their e-mails)

The Guardian (U.K.) (Tourists flocking to Las Vegas to fire machine guns)

WWL Radio (New Orleans) (The psychology of fame)

Peoria Journal Star (Why we enjoy being scared) (the home court advantage in tennis)

Experience Life Magazine

The Huffington Post

Paleo for Women Health (How birth control pills can affect your love life)

Success Magazine

Men's Health Magazine (Why men get a bang out of guns)

Pacific Standard Magazine (Facebook Use)

Literature, Evolution, & the Brain (Heroic behavior)

United Press International

The Washington Examiner

The Boston Globe (Littering)

APA Monitor on Psychology (Judging others from the style of their e-mails) (Why we are drawn to particular urban scenery) (Judging others from their e-mail messages)

Self Magazine (Keeping Secrets) (Heroes) (Haunted Houses)

The Conversation (Haunted Houses) (Haunted Houses)

Rawstory (Haunted Houses) (Haunted Houses)

Rock River Times (Haunted Houses)

Nigeria News (Haunted Houses)

The Examiner

The Irish Times

Body & Health at

Cosmos Magazine

Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC)

Advanced Psychology Research (The problem of altruism)

Handbook of Gender Research in Psychology

The Montreal Gazette (Judging others from the style of their e-mails)

WGN Radio (Chicago) - (The evolutionary basis of sports rivalries - especially Bears vs. Packers) (Judging others from their e-mails)

The Vecci Blog (Judging others from their e-mail)  (Why we are drawn to particular urban scenery)

The Examiner

Sydney Morning Herald

The Medical Daily (Basis of heroic behavior)

Hills News

Knox release about e-mail research

Woman's Day Magazine

Slate Magazine/

The Seattle Times

The Florida Times-Union

Science + Religion Today

The Financial Post (Judging others from their e-mails)

The Nigerian Chronicle

American Express Open Forum

Braingell Radio (Aggression and heavy metal music)


Shine (from Yahoo)

The National Post (Judging others from e-mail)

Gobal Winnipeg (Judging others from their e-mails)

Global Saskatoon (Judging others from their e-mails)

The Calgary Herald (Judging others from their e-mails)

Oye! Times


Forbes Woman


The Montreal Gazette

New York Times  Science Blog

eChannel News (judging others from their e-mails)

The Gloss

The Province (judging others from their e-mails)

Breakfast with Geraldine Doogue - Australian Broadcasting Company (Family Homes) Blogs (Judging others from e-mail)

Misterio Press (Why is being scared out of our wits fun?)

The StarPhoenix (Judging others from e-mail)

The John Tesh Radio Show

Pop Psychology (Heroism and Competitive Altruism)

CBC News (Canada)(How catchphrases creep into our conversation) (Why we love to be scared)

Los Angeles Times (testosterone & aggression)

Time Domain Music

The Financial Post

The Olympian

Rain from a Stranger

The Arizona Republic

Reason Magazine

Exhibitor Magazine(The Design of Trade Show Exhibits)

Philadelphia Examiner (Littering)

Brazilian Top Team (Does smiling predict the winner of MMA fights?)

Levo League

Juicy Gossip Blog

Science + Religion Today

Galesburg Register-Mail (Appearance on NBC Today Show) (Judging others from their e-mail messages) (Creepiness)

Minnesota Public Radio

Yahoo Health


Celebdelacream (Judging others based on their e-mail messages)

India Vision (Judging others based on their e-mail messages) (mail order brides)

The Housatonic Times

Smart Shift

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) (Mail Order Brides)

USA Today (Ticket Scalping)

The University Daily Kansan (Facebook Addiction)

The Knox Student (Cyber Love/Online Dating)

The Progressive Cynic (Guns & Aggression)

Horror/Creepy Short Stories (Creepiness)

EEBS Berenstein (Using fear to sell products)

Men's Health Magazine (Southern Africa)(Guns and testsoterone)

Job Dig

Women in Higher Education

The Maine Campus

JobDig for Employers

Sydney Morning Herald (Athletes behaving badly because of testosterone) (Facial expressions and politicians)

Peoria Journal Star (Nastiness in Bloggers)

The Daily Beast

The Malaysian Times

New Media Journalism

Le Scienze

Allure Magazine

The Cognitive Daily ( (Guns, testosterone, & aggression)

4D Human Being

The QuickBase Blog (Judging others from e-mail)

SkepticBlog (The Evolution of Heroic Behavior)

Los Angeles Times (Dot Com Guy)

The Vancouver Sun

OpusWrites on Wellness

An Viet Son

Children in

Back Talk:

Reason Magazine

TimesRecordNews (Wichita Falls, Texas)

Wi-Ficars News (The effects of being a "junior" - boys named after their fathers)

Evansville Courier and Press

Healthcare Quarterly

Pioneer News (CSU- East Bay)

Anchorage Daily News

Chattanooga Times Free Press

Advertising Crossing (The importance of facial beauty)

The Malaysian Times


The Press-Enterprise

Money (Australia)

Grey Matters (Interior Design)

The Daily Monitor (Congo/Uganda) (Fairbanks, Alaska)

Peoria Journal Star (Animal Hoarding)

Houston Chronicle

Wisconsin Rapids Tribune

The Islander

Parkes Champion Post

The New Zealand Herald


Trade Show Experts (Design of Trade Show Exhibits)

Real Fighter Magazine (Testosterone and the Brain Organization of Ultimate Fighters)

PsychMinded (UK)

ArtsLondon News

Green Bay Press Gazette



Galesburg Register-Mail

C-Health ( - Canada

Medical News Today (testosterone & aggression)

Delmarva Health Source

Steve Dow, Journalist

Sydney Morning Herald (Athletes behaving badly)

Lifestyle (Yahoo - Canada)

Juicy Campus: Style & Culture

Informal Coalitions


Pragma Synesi - Thoughts (testosterone & violence)

Literature, Evolution, & the Brain (Evolution of Heroic behavior)

Sydney Morning Herald

Grace Church Sermon, Martha's Vineyard

Blackwell Publishing

Johnny Grey Studios (Melding Design and Psychology)

Bahamas Issues (Mail Order Brides) (Guns & Testosterone) (Littering)

Softpedia (Fear is useful & haunted houses)

2008 Knox Magazine Article

The Times of India (Guns & Testosterone)

The Masculine Heart (Evolution of heroic behavior)

Management Issues

Galesburg Register-Mail Story on Today Show appearance

Amarillo Globe News

Entrepreneur (Planning Dynamic Business Meetings)

Monkeymagic (Testosterone & guns)

BT Office Furniture Blog

Voice of the Shuttle (Medieval Science & Cosmology)

San Bernardino County Sun

A Socialite's Life

Gossip Detector

Eyre Peninsula Tribune

Genetic Archaeology

The Knox Student (Testosterone & Rage) ("Roid Rage")

Chester County  Ramblings

Galesburg Register-Mail (Marketing to children)

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Cognitive Daily (Guns & Testosterone)

Wichita Falls Times-Record News (Littering)

New Media Journalism

Oregon Daily Emerald

TCM News

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal ( Guy) (Guns & Testosterone)

The Loquitor

Zambia Sunday Times

The Flat Hat

A Socialite's Life


Dr. Joanna

TCM News/New China News

Collie Mail


Farnam Street Blog

Channel 8 TV (NBC- Grand Rapids)


Stephen Viscusi's Blog

West Coast Sentinel (Littering) (smiling) (littering)


Citizens for Clean Open Spaces (Littering)

Las Vegas Weekly (Littering)

Better Call

The Naples News

The Arizona Daily Sun

The Daily Nebraskan (Guns & Testosterone)

Iron Man Magazine (Testosterone & Violence) (Female Wrestlers)

Story on DotCom Guy

America the Ugly (Littering)

Woodstock Conservation Commission (Littering)