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The Advice Goddess

Amateur Astronomy Magazine

Augsburg, Germany

Bass Fishing

Black Bear Ice Hockey


Dallas, Pennsylvania

Defunct Amusement Parks

Division III Football

Doomed Souls on their Way to Hell

Dunk Tanks

Galesburg, Illinois

Human Parasites

A Pictorial Tribute to the Decadent Xmas Party

Lowell Observatory

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The Midwest Conference


My Parents (Pictures)

Orono, Maine

Paste Magazine

Prairie Fire Sports

Remembering Jane Jacobs (1916-2006)

Remembering Andre Norton (1912-2005)

Matt Schatz (Writer & Composer)

Science Fiction Authors

Scranton, Pennsylvania

Strange Behavior - Movie about the evil genius in the psychology department at "Galesburg College" who turns teenagers into killers.

Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine

The Wild Atlantic Way

Wordsworth's Immortality Ode