Cryptology in Fiction
Last Updated 20 August 2012

This page contains links to several lists, with annotations, of all the stories and novels that I've encountered in my research that contain elements of cryptology as significant plot elements. For the most part there are no childrens or juvenile stories in the list. I leave that sub-genre to others. I also tend to leave out stories that just use Morse code or that may mention a cryptogram, but don't otherwise use it.

The first link is to a list of all the books and stories I've found to date that contain cryptograms or significant references to codes or ciphers. This list is sorted by Author's last name.

The next link of the books and stories are originally listed in my 2005 Cryptologia paper "Cryptology in Fiction: An Overview." There are 134 of them.

The third link are those that I've added to the list since 2005. There are 243 of them.

Next is a page listing the approximately 186 stories in Henry Langen's Bibliography of the Literature of Cryptography from 1956. Henry E. Langen was a vice-president of the American Cryptogram Association (ACA) and was Editor of The Cryptogram the magazine of the ACA from 1952 - 1956. In 1956 Langen compiled a list of some 850+ books, stories, white papers, and magazine articles about cryptology, titled "Bibliography of the Literature of Cryptography." Of these, some 300 are related to cryptology in fiction and 186 of them have been confirmed and are in the current list. A copy of Langen's bibliography ended up in the Jack Levine Collection at North Carolina State University. Levine was a mathematician who taught at NCSU for many years and was an avid collector of things mathematical and cryptographical. Levine published the definitive English word pattern list.

If you come upon other stories not on this list, I'd appreciate a link or a reference sent to jdooley at

All Crypto Fiction Stories, sorted by Author.
Stories in 2005 Cryptologia article.
Stories found since the 2005 Cryptologia article.
Stories in Langen list (1956).
Stories in Galland book (1945).

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