The Allison and Whittet Family

I am married to a wonderful woman, Holly Whittet-Allison. Here she is with our girls at the park on a blustery day. She is an educator, artist, avid outdoorswoman (she loves mountain biking, hiking, and canoeing), gardener, and tennis player (MVP of her college team). She is also a great mother and wife.

Our daughters are Gillian and Gwendolyn. This photo was taken of them in their 2005 Christmas finery. It amazes me how petite and genteel they can look when they want to.

Here are the girls riding a dragon at the local Armonk fair - taken when they were visiting their grandparents.

And another taken while sledding across Lake Superior in late March - yes late March.

Here's our daughter Gillian. She is eight years old in this photo. She is dressed for her favorite activity - riding. She loves horses and dreams constantly about riding horses. She also loves school, fairies, and general silliness.

Here is our younger daughter Gwendolyn. She is four years old in this photo and dressed up as an old-fashioned girl for a music festival in Bishop Hill. She is a happy, spirited, competitive little girl. She is a complete pixie and a real go-getter. She loves drawing, painting and gymnastics, and she loves tormenting her older sister.

Kipper. The newest member of our family is Kipper, an English Shepherd puppy. English Shepherds are herding dogs that remind me of the generic farm dogs that I saw in the country as a child. Kipper is now just over two years old. She is turning out to be an excellent dog. She is very affectionate (she thinks she is a lap dog), very active, loves to run, play fetch and chase, and surprisingly loves swimming. She is still young and gets into things she shouldn't but she is getting better..

Sasha - 12/31/1990 - 12/09/2006. Sasha was originally my dog. I had her even before I met Holly. She was a wonderful dog and a good friend to all. I cannot fully express in words all that she meant to me. She was always there for me - through good times and hard and no matter what she made me feel better and made me a better person. She was a mixed breed, part border collie and part Australian shepherd, actually the Aussie shepherd was a bit of a guess but fairly certain. Typical of both breeds, Sasha was an incredibly intelligent dog. Sometimes I thought she was smarter than I am. She was also extremely energetic. For her first three years she was something of a terror. She was constantly working at something, but was extremely friendly and ready to please. As long as we got a couple of hours of exercise each day she was fine. Then for about the next 11 years or so she was merely very active. An hour long walk every day and some time spent playing catch was enough to satisfy her. Eventually she became a dignified elder statesdog content to simply lay in the sun and rest most of the day. In the end her kidneys failed her, but she had a very good run for many, many years.

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