Over the last several years I have worked especially closely with three activist groups whose goals overlap substantially with the ideas expressed in my scholarship.  I’m on the board/steering committee of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood and the Center for a New American Dream.  I’ve also worked extensively with the UK group Common Cause to apply psychological research on values to increase the effectiveness of the campaigns and communications of civil society organizations.

  In addition to these three organizations, I also find the work of the following groups to be particularly important and relevant to issues concerning materialism, consumerism, and corporate capitalism.

Gross National Happiness
Happiness Alliance

Happy Planet Index

Move to Amend
new economics foundation
No Impact Project
Smart Growth
Take Back Your Time
Transition Towns

  Many of the papers that I've written have touched on these topics.

  I also used to teach a course on Alternatives to Consumerism that touches on many of these topics.