Course Syllabi

The following are the syllabi from the most recent versions of these classes.

Dreaming (PSYC 380)
Internship in Psychology (PSYC 300c) 
Psychology Writing Workshop (PSYC 222) 
Statistics and Research Methods II (PSYC 282)
The Study of the Person (PSYC 365)
Theories of Personality (PSYC 207)

Knox College has a very unique Clinical Psychology Term

General Course Policies

Plagiarism Policy
  Please be sure all sentences are in your own words or fully paraphrased or quoted if you are using someone else's ideas. If three or more words are in the same order as in the original text they must be in quotation marks and cited. Failure to put quotes in quotation marks (even if the source is cited) is a violation of the honor code. The following examples show what is and is not acceptable.

  Original Sentence: In brief, gender differences are modest in magnitude, consistent with gender stereotypes, and replicable across cultures.

  Plagiarized Sentence: Gender differences are consistent with gender stereotypes, replicable across cultures, and modest in magnitude.

  Plagiarized Sentence: Gender differences are moderate in magnitude, compatible with gender stereotypes, and consistent across cultures.

  Acceptable Sentence: We found that differences between genders were not very large, but did fit common stereotypes and were similar across the 26 cultures.