Peter Schwartzman's Works

Scholarly Books
(2018) with David Schwartzman. The Earth is Not For Sale: A Path Out of Fossil Fuel Capitalism to the Other World That is Still Possible, World Scientific Publishing, (website)
(2005) with Justin Sornsin. Small is Powerful: the impact of seemingly small things and the future of the Earth. (self-published)

Recreational Books
(200?) Word Nerd Basic (under review)
(2016) Word Nerd Fun (Volume #1) (website)
(2016) Word Nerd Fun #1 (Junior) (website)
(2008, updated 2017) Word Nerd Puzzler #2 (website)
(2007, updated 2017) Word Nerd Puzzler #1 (website)
(2007) Word Nerd Workbook #2
(2006) Word Nerd Workbook #1

(2017) "Conversation with Peter Schwartzman with Tom Loewy." (Video, 40 minutes) Galesburg Register-Mail, Jan. 25.
(2015) "In Our Town: Urban Agriculture." (Video, 30 minutes) Trinity Broadcasting Network, aired on August 21 & August 22.
(2011) "Interview on Renewable Energy." (Audio, 25 minutes) KMUD, Redwood Community Radio, aired on April 21.
(2006) "Interview on Coal and Air Pollution." (Audio) Eight Forty-Eight, NPR-Chicago, Feb.


(2016, 1st author) with David Schwartzman & X. Zhang. "Climatic implications of a rapid wind/solar transition.", March 22, p. 1-17.
(2013) with David Schwartzman. "A Rapid Solar Transition is not only Possible, it is Imperative!." African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development, DOI:10.1080/20421338.2013.809260, p. 1-17.
(2011, 1st author) with David Schwartzman."A Solar Transition is Possible." Institute for Policy Research and Development, March.
(2007, 1st author) with David Schwartzman."Is the World Overpopulated?" Green Horizon Quarterly, 4 (2, Winter)
(1998, 1st author) with P. Michaels & P.C. Knappenberger. "Observed changes in the diurnal dewpoint cycle across North America." Geophysical Research Letters, 25(July 1), p. 2265-2268.
(1996) with P.C. Knappenberger & P. Michaels. "Observed changes in the diurnal temperature and dewpoint cycles across the United States." Geophysical Research Letters, 23(Sept. 15), p. 2637-2640.
(1995) "The population growth debate in the public sphere." Social Epistemology, 9(4), p. 289-310.

(2017) with David Schwartzman."Book Review of: Sustainable Food Systems by Robert Biel (London, UCL Press, 2016)." Journal of Labour and Society, 20 (2), p. 272-276.
(2011, 1st author) with David Schwartzman."Book Review of: The Real Environmental Crisis: Why Poverty, Not Affluence, is the Environment's Number One Enemy by Jack M. Hollander." Science & Society 70 (3), July.

Other Scholarly Publications
(2012) with David Schwartzman"A Rapid Solar Transition is not only Possible, it is imperative." Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Appropriate Technology (H. Carwell, B. Grant, et al. (eds.)) December, p. 109-116.
(1998) "A Cloudy Future?" Virginia Climate Advisory, 22 (Spring), p. 3-10.
(1995) with P. Michaels, P.C. Knappenberger, & D. Gay. "Night Warming, Sulfate Aerosol, and GCM Forecasts." Ninth Conference on Applied Climatology, American Meteorological Society, p. 196-201.

ES: "Environmental Speaking" in The Zephyr.
EE: "Enough is Enough" in The Zephyr.
EF: "Earth & Food" in The Zephyr.
OT: Other

(OT) (2018) "Responding to climate change in Galesburg." (Opinion) The Register-Mail, Nov. 13.
(OT) (2017) "Time for council to speak up." (Opinion) The Register-Mail, Feb. 22.
(OT) (2013) "Getting colder...time to reach out to others" (Opinion) The New Zephyr, Nov. 8.
(OT) (2013) "You often get what you expect but it is time to expect more." (Opinion) The New Zephyr, Oct. 11.
(OT) (2013) "City Needs." The New Zephyr, Sept. 27.
(OT) (2013) "Blessed are the peacemakers." The New Zephyr, Sept. 13.
(OT) (2013) "The power of buying local." The New Zephyr, Aug. 16.
(OT) (2013) "A bit outside the box." (Opinion) The New Zephyr, May 10.
(OT) (2012) "Alderman Issues Report on Aluminum Castings." (Opinion) The Register-Mail, July 2.
(OT) (2010) with Bruce Weik."Breaking the spell to better Galesburg." The Register-Mail, Dec. 18.
(EF) (2010) "Mound Community Farm's First Season."The Zephyr, Oct. 14.
(EE) (2010) with Bruce Weik. "We are going to break this spell: Local Government." The Zephyr, Oct. 7.
(OT) (2010) "Not my cup of tea." (front page) The Zephyr, Sept 23.
(OT) (2010) "The Center's Purpose" (Box One) The Zephyr, Sept 9.
(EE) (2010) "Calling all men." The Zephyr, Sept. 9.
(OT) (2010) with Bruce Weik. "We will break this spell." (front page) The Zephyr, Sept 2.
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(EE) (2010) "I love Mexicans." The Zephyr, July 15.
(EF) (2010) "Our farmers' market." The Zephyr, July 8.
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(OT) (2010) "The now and why of making a neighborhood." The Zephyr, Apr. 8.
(OT) (2010) "Won't you be my Neighbor: Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood in Galesburg." (front page) The Zephyr, Apr. 1.
(EE) (2010) "A scholar & activist visits the heart of the industrial ag Midwest." The Zephyr, Apr. 1.
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(EE) (2010) "Speeding up won't solve our problem." The Zephyr, Mar. 11.
(EE) (2010) "Times are bad?" The Zephyr, Mar. 4.
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(EE) (2010) "There are still deniers of Global Warming?" The Zephyr, Feb. 4.
(OT) (2010) "Missing my chance at Scrabble infamy." The Zephyr, Jan. 21.
(EE) (2010) "Look at the big picture." The Zephyr, Jan. 7.
(EE) (2009) "Are We Giving?" The Zephyr, Dec. 31.
(OT) (2009) with Bruce Weik. "Solving Hunger One Meal at at Time." The Zephyr, Dec. 17.
(OT) (2009) with Bruce Weik. "Bringing Hunger Home." The Zephyr, Dec. 10.
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(EE) (2009) "Nothing gets me riled up as much as ..." The Zephyr, Jun. 18.
(EE) (2009) "Too much sports." The Zephyr, Jun. 11.
(EE) (2009) "Six Informative Statistics." The Zephyr, Jun. 4.
(EE) (2009) "Torture must end now." The Zephyr, May 28.
(ES) (2009) "A big city trip for some green-ing." The Zephyr, May 21.
(EE) (2009) "Hopelessly One? No Way. Get Involved." The Zephyr, May 14.
(EE) (2009) "Must we wait to act?" The Zephyr, Apr. 30.
(ES) (2009) "Give up something for Earth Day." The Zephyr, Apr. 23.
(EE) (2009) "Let's expand the definition of child abuse." The Zephyr, Apr. 16.
(ES) (2009) "Due for a Reminder." The Zephyr, Apr. 9.
(EE) (2009) "It's all in the numbers." The Zephyr, Mar. 26.
(EE) (2009) "Who changed the rules?" The Zephyr, Mar. 19.
(ES) (2009) "Spring is almost here; don't miss it." The Zephyr, Mar. 12.
(EE) (2009) "The Center: one year in operation." The Zephyr, Mar. 5.
(ES) (2009) "Cell Phone for Me? No Thanks." The Zephyr, Feb. 26.
(EE) (2009) "Are we in denial?" The Zephyr, Feb. 19.
(EE) (2009) "What type of Mayor do we need?" The Zephyr, Feb. 12.
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(EE) (2009) "Will someone in the media stand up for freedom? Two have." The Zephyr, Jan. 22.
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(ES) (2009) "2009: The Year for Giving." The Zephyr, Jan. 1.
(ES) (2008) "Energy dependence: Can we get there from here?." The Zephyr, Nov. 27.
(ES) (2008) "I am Pro Life and I am going to vote that way, too." The Zephyr, Oct. 30.
(ES) (2008) "We need to enhance the local." The Zephyr, Oct. 2.
(ES) (2008) "Whose Rights Count?" The Zephyr, Sept. 4.
(ES) (2008) "Will Money Solve Our Problems?" The Zephyr, July 31.
(ES) (2008) "Our Assumptions Need Examination." The Zephyr, Jun. 12.
(ES) (2008) "The Ivory Tower is Turning Green." The Zephyr, May 1.
(ES) (2008) "Our Plastic World." The Zephyr, Mar. 27.
(ES) (2008) "The Center: a new place for connecting in Galesburg." The Zephyr, Feb. 28.
(ES) (2008) "The fascination called life and what is happening to it." The Zephyr, Feb. 21.
(ES) (2008) "The sun: an answer to many of our problems." The Zephyr, Jan. 10.
(ES) (2007) "Looking for green presents?" The Zephyr, Dec. 13.
(ES) (2007) "What are We Really Thankful For?" The Zephyr, Nov. 29.
(ES) (2007) "When Should One Scream 'Fire!'?" The Zephyr, Nov. 1.
(ES) (2007) "Never doubt the power of seemingly small things." The Zephyr, Sept. 27.
(ES) (2007) "What I Learned This Summer." The Zephyr, Aug. 30.
(ES) (2007) "Everything is Environmental." The Zephyr, Jun. 28.
(ES) (2007) "Climate Change: what really matters." The Zephyr, May 31.
(ES) (2007) "Statistics 101: Everyone needs to grapple with stats." The Zephyr, Mar. 29.
(ES) (2007) "A simple ride." The Zephyr, Feb. 22.
(ES) (2007) "There is a better way. Nature will tell us. Let's start mimicking it." The Zephyr, Jan. 25.
(ES) (2006) "Seven New Year's resolutions that could change the world." The Zephyr, Dec. 28.
(ES) (2006) "Environmental Leaders: thank you for your vision and commitment." The Zephyr, Nov. 30.
(ES) (2006) "Bioneers: not just another field trip in October." The Zephyr, Oct. 26.
(ES) (2006) "Our Environmental Health and Well-Being Depend on a Thriving Democracy." The Zephyr, Sept. 28.
(ES) (2006) with Tim Montague. "Continued Energy Woes or a Secure Energy Future?" The Zephyr, Aug. 31.
(ES) (2006) "Who's killing all the little girls?" (front page) The Zephyr, July 27.
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(ES) (2006) "Take a deep breath. It's time to clean the air." The Zephyr, May 25.
(ES) (2006) "Do you really want to eat that? A closer look at the food industry." The Zephyr, Apr. 27.
(ES) (2006) "Beware of good news." The Zephyr, Mar. 30.
(ES) (2006) "A little quiz with BIG revelations." The Zephyr, Feb. 23.
(ES) (2006) "New technology: does it cost more than it is worth?" The Zephyr, Jan. 26.
(ES) (2005) "7 reasons why examining your diet is a great New Year's resolution." The Zephyr, Dec. 29.
(ES) (2005) "Holiday Shopping: making it a rewarding and environmentally-friendly experience." The Zephyr, Nov. 24.
(ES) (2005) "Science is very concerned, perhaps we should be too." The Zephyr, Sept. 29.
(ES) (2005) "Katrina: Seeking Answers." The Zephyr, Sept. 8.
(ES) (2005) "A Trip to Mexico (Un Viaje a México)." The Zephyr, Aug. 25.
(ES) (2005) "The Environmental Justice movement: its accomplishments and its future." The Zephyr, July 28.
(ES) (2005) "The Environmental Justice movement: what it is and why it matters." The Zephyr, Jun. 30.
(ES) (2005) "Is nuclear the answer?"The Zephyr, May 26.
(ES) (2005) "We all need a birdie—one to remind us." The Zephyr, Apr. 28.
(ES) (2005) "Is climate change occurring in Illinois? Do we care?" The Zephyr, Mar. 31.
(ES) (2005) "Feel safe? What contributes to our security?" The Zephyr, Feb. 24.
(ES) (2005) "Just when we thought humans were intelligent ..." The Zephyr, Jan. 27.
(ES) (2004) with Richard Thompson. "Calling out the young." The Zephyr, Dec. 30.
(ES) (2004) "There is never a bad time to give thanks." The Zephyr, Nov. 25.
(ES) (2004) "Who is the environmental Prez?" The Zephyr, Oct. 28.
(ES) (2004) "Do we live in an insane world?" The Zephyr, Sept. 30.
(ES) (2004) "Is there no news?" The Zephyr, Aug. 27.
(ES) (2004) "I confess, I am a hypocrite." The Zephyr, July 29.
(ES) (2004) "Manicured lawns—worthy of praise or critism?" The Zephyr, June 24.
(ES) (2004) "Celebrate spring greenly?" The Zephyr, May 27.
(ES) (2004) "Human rights, environmental rights." The Zephyr, Mar. 25.
(ES) (2004) "What's with the weather? A primer." The Zephyr, Feb. 26.
(ES) (2004) "Ten Books that Will Lead One Towards Environmental Literacy." The Zephyr, Jan. 29.
(ES) (2003) with Justin Sornsin."A Natural Step on the Path to Sustainability." The Zephyr, Dec. 25.
(ES) (2003) "Is the Earth Invisible?" The Zephyr, Nov. 27.
(ES) (2003) "A Peace Offering to Omnivores and Vegetarians." The Zephyr, Oct. 30.
(ES) (2003) "Environmental Myths Scrutinized." The Zephyr, Sept. 25.
(ES) (2003) "The environment by the numbers." The Zephyr, Aug. 28.
(ES) (2003) "One planet—Earth. How is it doing?" The Zephyr, July 31.
(ES) (2003) "Can we give more since we have more?" The Zephyr, Jun. 26.
(ES) (2003) "Food has its price, but does it have to be so high?" The Zephyr, May 29.
(ES) (2003) "Must we poison ourselves again this spring?" The Zephyr, Apr. 24.
(ES) (2003) "An Architect: Will McDonough—A Leader in the Redesign of Industrial Society." The Zephyr, Mar. 27.
(ES) (2003) "Trucks vs. Trains: who wins?" The Zephyr, Feb. 27.
(ES) (2003) "Where has all the oil gone? Short term chaos. When will we ever learn?" The Zephyr, Jan. 30.
(ES) (2002) "We've found bigfoot and we didn't have to look very far." The Zephyr, Dec. 26.
(ES) (2002) "What You Eat Affects Everyone and Everything." The Zephyr, Nov. 29.
(ES) (2002) "Mountain Climbers for Humanity." The Zephyr, Oct. 31.
(ES) (2002) "What is 1% of the Land Good For? More Than Meets the Eye." The Zephyr, Sept. 26.
(ES) (2002) with Jenny Van Arsdale. "Radon: How much of it do we have?" The Zephyr, Aug. 29.
(ES) (2002) "Radon: a common gas that can kill you." The Zephyr, July 25.
(ES) (2002) "Affluenza: a human-created disease with profound consequences." The Zephyr, Jun. 27.
(ES) (2002) "Is the world overpopulated? Perhaps not." The Zephyr, May 16.
(ES) (2002) "Scientist exposes toxic chemicals." The Zephyr, Apr. 25.
(ES) (2002) "A view of the world: tinted glass, a cubical box, or a macroscope."The Zephyr, Feb. 21.
(ES) (2002) "Ozone: a very misunderstood gas." The Zephyr, Jan. 24.
(ES) (2001) "The power of one dollar." The Zephyr, Dec. 20.
(ES) (2001) "Drip, drip, drip: where is the water?" The Zephyr, Nov. 22.
(ES) (2001) with Justin Sornsin. "Taking the kids out of the city." The Zephyr, Oct. 18.
(ES) (2001) "Humans have occupied only one percent of the earth's existence." The Zephyr, Sept. 13.
(ES) (2001) "Get the lead out." The Zephyr, Aug. 16.
(ES) (2001) "Greenhouse gases: so sparse yet so powerful." The Zephyr, July 19.
(OT) (2000) "Climate change not hype." Galesburg Register-Mail, Sept. 16.
(OT) (1999) "'Global' warming is not the trend in Galesburg?" Galesburg Register-Mail, Dec. 18.

All are part of Fire (clarity, advocacy, action, progress) located at

(2018) "The insanity of our world: What to Do? (Part II)" Dec. 6.
(2018) "The insanity of our world: The Why (Part I)" Feb. 13.
(2017) "Math That Matters (Part IV—Solar Power for the U.S.)" Dec. 28.
(2017) "Math That Matters (Part III—The 2000 U.S. Presidential Election)" Nov. 2.
(2017) "Math That Matters (Part II—Atmospheric Changes)" Oct. 14.
(2017) "Math That Matters (Part I—Missing Women)" Oct. 14.
(2017) "We will, yes we will" Sept. 16.
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(2016) "proudly voted for Stein" Oct. 12.
(2016) "Insanity continues" Oct. 10.
(2016) "A 'Wall,' so passé, build a NASCAR track instead" Sept. 21.
(2016) "stand, sit, kneel, or lock? (modern protest)" Sept. 6.
(2016) "are we moral?" Aug. 23.
(2016) "playing with systemic thinking" Aug. 10.
(2016) "'The Media' and getting 'outside the box'" July 26.
(2016) "the 'efficiency' trap and RE's benefits" July 7.
(2016) "fireworks" July 3.
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(2016) "Top 100 List: Non-fiction books" Jun. 13.
(2016) "our food challenges" Jun. 12.
(2016) "systemic food solutions" Jun. 9.
(2016) "Lincoln"s shadows" Jun. 6.
(2016) "a "can" or at least a "maybe""Jun. 3.
(2016) "feeding people" Jun. 2.
(2016) "out of sight" Jun. 1.
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